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the heart beats strongest in a wound


Some people you know are the picture of death.
They drain you, leaving you powerless, but you must
Not succumb. You’ve been testing the waters in a lake
That’s dried up, where men and women live in a world
Of barren fact and are heading nowhere in a hurry.
But not so fast, Lucky One! Remove that thorn in your lion’s paw!
For the challenges facing a heaven artist like you
Are real (you’re preserving the fruits of transitory time,
Whose wealth you’re gladly passing on.) (This? This
Is already a tradition in the new world you’re headed for.
Key is to stay faithful to your instincts…) Yes, stretch out
Of your comfort zone and take the plunge… Go into the mirror
And seek heavenly signs… Mission not impossible. For now
It’s time (who needs whom?) for the real story to unfold
–of light and shadow edging closer to where borders
Fall, and the outlook (with a lot of ‘ifs’ attached) of further
Reflection at the crossroads treads a fine line
And, hitting pay dirt, thickens the plot as the Real McCoy in you Declares to certain others: I’ve always wanted to meet you.
Yes, to you, to YOU I am speaking. We have so much to say!
For some people you know are the picture of life.