spiritual language poetry & writings

when losing by winning becomes winning by losing



how not to handle fear, lessons 1 and 2:
repressing it only makes it more desperate
Yes, but don’t go too far!
…that’s what we all say

many of us have no idea where we’re going

epidemic errors:  bad’s ‘bad,’ good’s ‘good’
but there’s ‘good’ bad too (and ‘bad’ good)
that keeps air in the tires,
wheels turning…

challenge, you think, is to translate creative
process into acceptable public policy
(strictly speaking, there is no connection)

a movement groping in the dark
the world seen through the local lens of a body artist’s life,
from the corner of his eye…

to make a long story short: the Hades factor.
brethren! a darkness deeper than night!

our viewpoint: don’t expect too much of us
but now under the spotlight:
how fast food has changed our lives–
how sex scores! but love suffers…

ah! fearing a monster you helped create?
yes, touch brings life to things that decay

but  …Lovers break the rules secretly.
And that opens the door to politics.

–this is that story.