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My mind’s a complete ____ .
When I look, for instance, at a _____ space, all I see is a ____ .
When I look at a ____ wall, all I see is a ____ .
When I look at a ____ page, all I see is ____ .
Indeed, when I look point-____  at a stranger,
I often meet with a ____ stare.
With a ____ being what a ____ is, however,
there are ____s and there are ____s.
And the way to know a good ____ when you see one is,
of course, to look at a _____ from the point of view of a ____.
That’s why I put myself in a ____’s place,
that’s why I put myself in a ____’s shoes,
that’s why, in fact, I become a ____.
For believe me, once you’ve seen a ____ this way,
in a sense you’ve seen them all.
Of course, when you ask for the real ____ to please stand up,
it may not always be a pretty ____,
but it’s a ____ all the same.
I, for one, am shooting off at the mouth
(using ____s, naturally) for the sake of a ____ .
Now, if I was going to leave my mark on the world,
I wouldn’t worry–there’s plenty of ____s to go around:
with a ____  ____ here and a ____ ____ there,
here a ____, there a ____, everywhere a ____ ____,
one can’t help but draw a ____.
The world, after all, is a  ____ slate:
all you do is look for the ____ in everything and you’ll find it;
then you simply fill in the ____.

* For _____ please read _____ throughout.