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a mamaist visit



Pardon me.
But a god just spoke to me.
Yes, me!
Can you hear me? he said.
Oh dear me, I said.
You mean me?
Why me?
Don’t you know me? he said.
Who, me? I said.
O woe is me!
What do you want from me?
Do you read me? he said.
No, I said. Not me!
Take this cup from me!
Please, spare me!
Answer me! he said–
For if you don’t know me by now,
You will never know me!
Truly I’ve got the devil in me, I thought.
Then I looked again and saw
An angel smiling at me.
Trust me, he said.
Then all of a sudden it hit me.
O poor me! I thought,
O lucky me!
Please! I said, Take me with you,
Take me there!
No, he said, turning from me–
You must wait for me.
And remember me.
And show me
Who you are,
Who you are.