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You are here.
Do you know where you are?
Why ask, Where does one go from here?
Why try to get somewhere, or be elsewhere?
Whatever it is you’re looking for, it’s here.
Here’s where the real action is:
here water is wine, night is day, past is present, above is below;
anything can happen here.
As for who’s the boss around here,
don’t expect to find You-Know-Who here
there’s no one here by that name.
Here everybody’s the star of the show–
the gang’s all here:
here are the living, here are the dying,
here are the dead, here are the born again–
there’s room here for everybody.
The way things are around here, however,
you may sometimes feel up to here with here;
you may sometimes want just to leave your ‘Kilroy was here’
and then get the hell out of here.
But remember–what you feel here
is what you feel there.
The hereafter isn’t somewhere else,
the hereafter is right here–
here is where the birds sing, here is where the sky is blue;
you needn’t look any further than here.
Here, there, everywhere–it’s all here;
all that you’ve ever dreamed of is right here.
If you have something to do, do it here.
If you have something to say, say it here–
that’s what we’re here for.
For here is the true Kingdom.
We’re all here for the same reason:
to realize here what we have in us.
Here, right here where you are.


Copyright (c) 2012 Alan Botsford