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I don’t want to make a big thing out of this.
There’s more to life than this, I know.
But I will say this—
this, in a sense, is the stuff from which everything else is made;
everything–including this, that and the other–comes from this.
Though I can’t understand this with my mind,
I mean this,
I’m not just saying this.
Of course, I realize not everyone wants to hear this,
not everyone likes the sound of this.
Dreams, after all, are made of this;
this has driven some people mad.
Some, not knowing what to make of this,
may not want to get into this right now.
Others, finding this hard to believe,
may not be ready for this.
Still others, afraid of what this might mean,
would prefer this to not happen at all.
But listen carefully to this.
This is happening every single moment of our lives,
only once we lose sight of this
we’re left trying to live to see this, to remember this
and this above all.
Does this sound familiar to you?
If you think this is something,
wait ’till you see what comes after this–
there’s more to this than meets the eye.
Yes, there’s a word for this.
I know of no other way of saying this.
But let’s not be civilized about this.
Go ahead–take this
and eat this.
Take this
and drink this.
Let this grow inside yourself.
This is the point of this, isn’t it?
(Otherwise, nothing can really come of this.)
Now don’t take your eyes off this.
Keep looking steadily at this
and nothing but this.
Are you ready for this?
–watch this carefully–
is this.
And yet… and yet…
–how can I put this?–
is not this
not this.
Isn’t this something!
Imagine this!
See what a difference this makes?
…Yes, this is that.