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negotiating with walt

a serio-comic dialogue



You’re now entering a different world, the shadow world.

Oh, no, not again. Please…

Look. Do you want to talk about all the things you can’t do,

or the things you can do?

But what is it I’m trying to achieve?


You mean equilibrium?

Whatever. Here you never know what you’re going to find.

Chaos? Chaos can’t be beat but orderliness has its satisfactions too.

Quit staring out of your peep hole! It’s time you give back to

people! Besides, you’re not after information here, which is

unchangeable, and deals in death.

But sometimes…you know…I mean…it’s so…you know…

that it can drive one nuts. Were it not for my uttering

banalities I wouldn’t have any means of keeping myself

together, and that’s the truth!

I wouldn’t have made it harder for you if I hadn’t thought it would

be easier.

But…what do I have to give?

A universe…yourself…don’t you see? What occurs here has

consequences in the far reaches of the cosmos.

I don’t buy it!

What this is, friend, cannot be bought or sold.

But I can’t find any footprints…where are the footprints?

You’ve walked in lots of different shoes, you’ve worn lots of different

hats. Why do you have to be like so-and-so or such-and-such?

What’s wrong with being whatever your name is?

But won’t I stand out like a sore thumb?

Didn’t you always want to be outstanding? Just follow your desire

for being none other than you are.

Look, this seems to be getting us nowhere! Do you mind

if we change the terms of discourse?

Oh, so you want rhyme? I’ll give you rhyme! (But not this time.)

You want rhythm? I’ll show you how! (But not here, not now

—it’s too lowbrow!) Yes, the whole world’s a pun! Ain’t it fun?

The River of Ha-Ha flows under the Bridge of Ho-Ho out into

the Sea of Hee-Hee where everything’s new under the sun!

Yes, er…that’s all well and good but what I’d like

to know is why we are even talking about this?

The question is, why aren’t we talking about this more often? To

live is to head out on an unmarked trail. If you read the signs

they’ll all add up to one thing: stop searching for the perfect

world, and love the world you’re in.

But with all the pain we inflict on one another, how does

one cope?

Now you’re talking! Welcome to the long haul! You forgive and go

on. How else can one go?

To be broken?


And broken…?


And broken again…?

You’re right on the money, but none the wiser.

But I feel delirious! I mean, it seems there’s a fine line

between being casual…and being a casualty.

What is groundbreaking, it’s true, can be heartbreaking.

You mean, the impossible—it’s being done?

Don’t you see? A human being means waking up. You gotta dig

deep, to where things sing.

But one feels, in the singing, so…exposed!

What’s being made open is the fact that so much is hidden. What

one becomes is, to say the least, pretty hard to come by.

But what can one do to make things better in the meantime?

One’s choice of words shows that one is listening—which has the

effect of raising the level of the other person’s capacity for listening.

But sometimes it’s hard to see anything good. That is, when

you read between the lines there may be nothing but these

slithering, hidden meanings!

Look, nobody’s asking you to ruin your life with bald statements—

we’re talking twists and turns here. If you look carefully there’s

a pattern that surfaces. That’s the stage you’re at—finding the


Yes, but oh, how I hate snakes—slow and without sound….

I hate the way they move!

You seem to be enjoying it.

But I’m talking straight here!

Okay…But you just oinked!

…I did!

And you just hissed!


Now you’re cooing!


Doesn’t talking this way make you feel free?

Yeah. Free as a caged bird….It’s good of you, though,

putting up with all that I am.

Don’t sell yourself short. You’re a real gem, two sides of a rare coin,

the genuine article.

Thanks. Can I have the receipt?

You’ve got it.

I’m…er…afraid the change isn’t enough.

Don’t mention it. You have so much more to give….Now, if you don’t

mind, I’d like to stay and argue with you some more, but you know

what they say.

No, what?

You can’t argue with success.

Wait! Before you go, what do the words “be quiet” say?

Can’t you hear? They say…‘bouquet’.