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notes toward a cosmic folklore – II

to be absurdly ablaze, ahh!, with absolute acceptance of the

non-prefab aboriginal in one, as of a slab from the abdomen

—to be abjuring anything aboral, for about as long as it takes

(not taken aback in) to be abreast of the abyss, where one,

abstemious, is able to be abubble with abundance, abstaining…

flawless? absolutely (not), fabulously crabby, but generally

strong and able, being born of a stable, stable, as of a natural

habitat still habitable when cards out on the table… with

blood-type A, B, AB or O —ohh! this like a real fable, like the

Arabian Nights, destined by labels to be capable of being

original, as a baby is, before all this babbling in Babel had

us taking a stab at making an offering, a la capable Cain

at durable Abel’s ability, or like the way an abbot in a

medieval abbey absorbed smackdab in the abstraction of

absolute zero is, or like the way an abolitionist reading

Uncle Tom’s Cabin is—not for some pretended absolution

(though God knows, one needs it for all our abominations)

but for casting one’s lot, as if an absentee ballot, for

a future roundtable discussion, say, between or among

cohabitants, on the nature of Ali Baba, or Abraham, or Ahab

—of all who would learn to speak in their native tongues

using the vocabulary of maybe, ably, and abruptly, abounding

in about to’s