spiritual language poetry & writings

notes toward a cosmic folklore-V



You, young hero, want to make an appointment with the

moment but its schedule is full already? You’re all ears but

the past monopolizes the conversation? If you want to get

past the ‘the rest stinks’ part be in the flow, for the ball of

presence is here to be thrown—you receive it, you pass it

on, sometimes you drop it. Just let it go. With these words

that have chosen you to come through, say: My urge

marched me up and down until I had to do something, or

let it go. Let your eyes land on ‘new hope’ and keep it going.

For whatever now is gone past and survived takes on the status

of then (but you never lose everything because a part of you

will always be here). For when you die everything attaches,

everything connects, and for the moment you are here, for

life, before letting go, as you survive each moment into its

blessing. Yes, you’ve done neglected things and you want to

shout it out! But silence lays claim to that territory…Why

fight to be on the inside of the moment. We’re all already

insiders. And you’re getting into it, seeing it from here—

where you’ve always been.