spiritual language poetry & writings

notes toward a cosmic folklore – IV



Walk into the wilderness and thrive, tenderfoot, where one

nation under a groove (whose?—much in the deeper range of

what you know, you feel, with your future behind you) lays

out the welcome mat where you’ve gone, where you’re going

(Yes, surround-sound gets private), for Day of Reckoning

with no perks has arrived…


Enter the final frontier and bank on faith, individualist, where

food for thought on the record wows with can-do spirit—“We

integrate. You communicate.”—and real value, time-tested,

comes roaring out ready to light up (Is this for real?) the City

of Darkness (On the road, again?) and drag out of anonymity

words that angels spoke before the beginning, before

transparency and silence in all its layers gave way to what it



Humbled and resurgent, charge on, recoverer, taste the victory

in your mouth of differing visions of this feeling of loss (on a

very personal level). for it’s a question of identity (it’s important

for people not to forget) and of coming down to earth where

now growing up, now scoring, now looking familiar you, stylist,

have discovered a language that speaks only in anything-goes

ambience and that sheds its unreal, local image only by taking

a step toward truth from all sides.