spiritual language poetry & writings

notes toward a cosmic folklore – X



Don’t be oblivious to where the food on your table comes

from!…Yes, putting yourself on the radar and speaking

(peeking?) out long overdue after years of hiding (the hurt)

… How it feels yields surprising discovery— Reading the

only subject now, for when looked at from all angles words

give one another a helping hand too, meaning twice the

fun for seekers of liberation who are getting into the giving

spirit, that special place, the fresh look at heaven from the

pits (same old fall…). but threat of violence lingers from

past lives (nearly everyone is jumpy), slowly being morphed

by wow factor… into morsels of slow healing, into a square

meal’s new taste territory.

…Mulling over the meanings of a new word order, gentle

reader, is a burden confirming our bond, not waiting for

God but just doing our job… More than pointing a finger

at what we love to hate (modern this, post-modern that),

we’re thriving on diversity to prompt real growth, whose

essence is lost in being found in the openings of so many

doors… To the demon in you who says, ‘I’m hoping to arrive

in the Promised Land!’ —I say: Sit down and eat at this

table for now! (What? is this mud-rubbing, benign ogre

that I’ve become giving baby a fright?) Yes, it’s nice, isn’t

it, to eat out in a new place but a showdown looms over

this offering (For outlook darker when demand on the

rise, making fragile expose disarray on budget policy)….

Sure, money-supply surge will raise interest, but better

to be a beacon in the night for those walking a tightrope

of a soul’s succession, where moving on means learning

how it’s done, how this music, gentle reader, is us being

re-made together, for us.