spiritual language poetry & writings

notes toward a cosmic folklore- XV



When don’t start sounds like don’t stop! you share on, secret

sharer: O to be relevant, nice value to have (or to be irrelevant,

more value for one’s money?) O to be respected, compensation

weighing one down (or to be scorned, knowing one’s true worth?)

but to be brand new! O so shiny that everyone has to have one!

(or old, and used… a piece of roadside junk?) you keep it going

regardless, getting in the swing of things, to shine, not making

others pay, progressing towards free speech (testing, testing)

looking at business, at the world, with a vision—the competition

won’t, cannot shut you down, trample you, sink you, send you

packing, newcomer… who banking on these surprising returns

are lifted over your rivals not to fill anyone’s shoes but your own,

for a marathoner’s fit, designed to go the distance, or a relayer’s,

as the baton is passed beautifully timed, exquisitely handled,

forward to where well-spent investment is most needed, giving

greater say to used words, stock phrases, the stock-in-trade of

opened access, of dedicating oneself to the divine, of deciding

to ally oneself with the birds, those for whom whatever is a

threat is also a threat to you, too (to this a voice says: You want

to find out? Head for the forest…): that’s right, these moves

you’re sounding out are to independence, to a whole, and new,

world…(the face of the collective unconscious, you say? it’s no

disgrace—don’t forget, people wanted this face)