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notes toward a cosmic folklore- XVII



Pray for rain all you will, this is no happy trail. Annual losses add

up—but consolation’s in consolidation, uniting what in you you

get, and what in you you don’t…along with what not in you you

get, and what not in you you don’t—though this recovery plan’s

still short on details. Succession plays key role, the old nurturing

the new, welcoming the long view a sound bet, with presence in

the past, and a share of the future—What? Now? These trans-

actions aren’t geared for instant payoffs!—Today, you are who

you are, only now learning from past errors, a magnet for

capital, your falling no fall from grace but an uphill battle—the

search for beauty, not booty… If you’re looking for a bit of luck,

treasure this experience.