spiritual language poetry & writings

notes toward a cosmic folklore- XVIII



Triumph of the image: seeing faster (Is there no escape?) (For

god’s sake slow down.), the great leap forward to the new-

found land (…Hit the road. See ya later. Hasta la vista…) will

come (World without end.) under deep cover, gliding Hermes-

like on the wings of time (It’s travel at its most magical.) as you

tune in the world (you can actually enjoy it.), to the news of the

day (We read America & Japan.) and to body culture (This is

the big news. And guess what? We hear it.) that spells out

what’s happening without compromise (After all, where do

you put the stuff that you’re about? all that you are? —Tell us.

We’re listening.) and with trust (One word rarely used in the

same sentence with ‘survival’ —Before, I could barely afford to…

but now…) while being prudent in learning how to love and

feel at home in the Word—that fabric of being with faith and

war woven deep into its history—and in the World, where the

sky’s never been the limit and where if you ever need inspiration

just look around you, for wherever you look there’s something

to see (Visual democracy reigns), and there’s something to

remind you (What can possibly succeed the profusion of

everything all at once?) that no matter what you create

(Discordant at first, then inspired, then inevitable) it’s you

who are the most priceless art of all.