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notes toward a cosmic folklore – XXI



It’s all agreed upon anyway but not beforehand. You must

negotiate the currency, you must weather the storms of (un)

reality that seize upon the in-here-ing self when meeting the

out-there-ing self, who makes the difference between raging

wit and witless raging count, as if—egads!—you’ve got yourself

cohering a Self… (Find out more?) Follow the roaring in your

ear, that alluded-to-world inside this making, that unmade

would sign the symbol over to a distant relativity, you know

the one I mean, the one that when silence is suffering starts/

stars the poet like the patient conscious and alert on the

operating table, singing in the face of the knife…


Yes, say I shall deed you. Say I shall have done with the peach

what I would have liked. Say I shall have plunged to the depths

of the song where you are singing to me in my wind-blown ear,

like this muffled laughter reverberating in a tear.