spiritual language poetry & writings

notes toward a cosmic folklore – XXIII



Free unrestricted access past all differences, distinctions,

arguments, rifts, clashes, sectionalism, factions, wars…to the

commingling, the coming together, the ever conjoining, the

ever converging, the returning home again and again and

again in now’s every eternal moment; past one’s defeats,

one’s devestations, one’s despair …to who we once were and

have always been; past the undervalued, the overlooked, the

unspoken for…to mazes, halls of mirrors, and labyrinths;

past parodied authenticity, second-guessing fakery, mean-

minded regretfulness…to hinges and pivots; past the result-

driven, logic-baiting conclusions blithely unbending and

untwisting…to the forever opening mind of light that opens

the heart of this darkness; past the absolute (rubbish!), the

pure (horse manure!), the holy (baloney!)…to the genuine,

the affirmative, the sympathetic that as wholeness-invoking

prayerfulness and playfulness is in time on time and out of

time all at the same time; past the squinty-eyed, the squinching,

the squelching, the spewing; past the spittle, the sputum, the

spiteful reaching (cobra-like, without striking); past all

squeaking, squeezing, and squibbling; past all spurting,

squirting, squatting and squishing; past spiritually spermy

speculations and anatomically blissful awakenings and

publicly illuminated knowledge and suddenly realized insight

…to being the vessel you are, sailing on the waters of

inspiration unconstrained by destination; past this secretly

soaked stash, this privately-invested fund of wetness, this

marvelously monsooned moolah…to just feeling what I am

feeling today, to what makes my heart sing.