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notes toward a cosmic folklore – XXIV



Tongue-tied and cornered (again) with more shrinkage likely

(Life’s not all dancing and disco after all…Yes, sex, violence,

betrayal, lies, hatred, revenge, the filth of instinct in a starring

role) (When trust is gone, how can you forgive? But maybe not

as bad as once thought), Old Adam, still well-connected (he

means well, but…), suffers huge loss (who profits from our woes,

he wonders) and trying to cheer up with depressing thoughts,

braves the rigors of the urge to converge behind enemy lines to

seek out excitement with Eve (‘Excuse me, do you know the

way to Heaven?’)…But with gifts straining patience (‘Should the

show go on as is?’) and history (‘Can you write it?’) taking a

twist and a turn, leaves it (the last word) up to the kids this time

around, who, in showing their money, say—This is so, like,

‘Whoa!’ for us…