spiritual language poetry & writings

notes toward a cosmic folklore – XXV

tables turn for dear enemy (o is for outlaw): the unfettered mind

to get more say in dealing with difference (love, hate & every-

thing in between—things you can’t find in a dictionary), hands

out money at Revolution, smiling, as road opens (welcome back)

to where the money is, not letting negotiations ruin one true

thing. here’s your chance—proof of life, of how to live, is on the

rise for more say…


—two thousand years on and we’re still searching for an answer,

in the dumps living up to its name, spicing itself up as, again and

again, voices of hate, pretty vacant, go nowhere until crisis team

called to halt share slide turns tables (in terms of redress) among

the not-so-sleepy, for signs (before motion fizzles) of intriguing

parallels along open roads of talking the talk and walking the

walk, turning to alternative fuels, recycling for Little Darlings

in City of Joy (to please a Lady, a country girl) where ‘time heals

wounds’ is given a hero’s welcome and where revamped

ex-changes may be a new model (no, two isn’t a ‘magic number’

but it’s time to take sides) knowing as you do now, how history

can be colored by the voice that tells it.