spiritual language poetry & writings

notes toward a cosmic folklore – XXVI



Going to the moon? Staying overnight in a snowy bungalow

before embarking?  (It’s your choice…) We will not join you—

We will return to earth. For ultimately you’re just going to have

to be yourself, putting life back into life. You cry at night:

Falling teardrops until there’s a sense of calm, when it’s time

to move on to where  you will find plenty to laugh about. Perhaps

it’s about hope. But no matter what anyone says the joy of

creating while trying to become the person in the song inside

you, shows there’s no time like the present. And there’s no

telling where you’re headed next. Be prepared to flip out as

horizons begin to broaden (though you don’t realize there’s

so much more to it than that). Yes, the stuff between us

doesn’t really need to be spoken. It’s always down to luck—

We want you to grow with us, being the true soul survivor

that you are, not above admitting you still have a lot to learn,

moonstruck in here. For finding the surprise comes first in

your heart, until you scratch away a little of the fatigue, and

cynicism, and then out you will come—full of wonder,

exuberance and a tremendous love.