spiritual language poetry & writings

notes toward a cosmic folklore – XXVII



What unites us achieves unity…so, unknown soldier, unlearn

your old ways (univalent), and seek your synaptic mate

wherever you can, knowing the universal from which you both

derive. Unitize, unitize unimpeachably—in unison, like a flower,

uni-sexed, but unique, unequaled. Ungodly be not, nor be

unfruitful; un-freeze assets when called upon, fairly, and

unfold like a panorama, unflinching, unflappable (marked by

assurance & self-control). If still unfledged, pledge to unfurl

and, ungraceful, ungracious be not—nor ungovernable be not

—but be ungrudging, unfancy, unfailing—lest you appear

(not be) unfit. No, unend-urable this is not. Uneasy this is.

What you, here, can be grateful for, be grateful for, and in

unlearned increments be to nature’s benefit (in which is

compensation undreamt of) like in the margin of a leaf,

or in the motion of water—sinuous, wavy, flowing—gone

into its undertow…For you’ve been greenlighted by who

you are and are meant to be, whose love’ll pay your way,

and more, unswervingly (but to be undervalued no more,

is overestimated). Let your undertones give what you’ve

got to give, all of it.


Yes, you, undertaker—in loving one another, you’ll understand.

Among the undeniably undemocratic, be not unctuous, for what

(or whatever) you say or are is at heart undebatable—among

the underprivileged you need not under-score or underline. Let

your undergrowth flourish, or flower, underhanded. Be no Uncle

Tom as you run this underground railroad, undergrounder—

don’t be caught underfinanced, undercapitalized, be wholly

unconditional, and in the running of it be to the fullest extent

not unconscious, or uncouth, or uncivil, for what in you is

uncreated shall never be uncrowned, no, not ever…


And be not unbroken, yet be broken, too. Unchain yourself

from the unambiguous, the unanimous mind when necessary

—this your inalienable right. Be unabridged, when bridging

the gaps; play not to prejudice; be unapologetic yet knowing

what’s unalterable, code-like, anchored in the unashamed,

the unassailable. For without this the whole world’s unbalanced.

Always be in an unaffected manner unbiased, unadulteratedly

adulterated, completely. And if umbrage be taken, take the hint

in your shadow’s shade. Be unblushing, un-concerned. You,

unbound, will be underwriting what union unearths—unmasking

when un-masking’s called for; unlinking when unlinking’s called

for. If caught unawares, unmindful of unmitigating circum-

stances, be not unsociable—be untaught, untangling yourself

most kindly if you can. For the unspeakable can and does do

unthinkable things, unscrupulously… The time to unsheathe

& be unsparing will arrive (be not unprepared) as untouchable

you are not, nor would you have yourself be. Yet be not

unwittingly unworldly (such unwont-edness is unwanted),

let the unicorn, wherever it may be, remain unappraised in

all’s sight save yours, who know that in the rising sun all is

uplifted, that with the setting sun all settles down, too…


O to be not unworthy of this, your shade! For what is to come is

untold adventures in endless eternities where the unvarnished

truth does not go unread, where one learns to see, if remaining

so, how (were the unreal not to intervene, unveiled)

unstructured it could not be, nor can remain. Remember,

though, that what is unsought can be as a treasure untapped

(if untouched, be untroubled—the untrussed state unwinds

from untruth which, unequivocably, is unworthy of one such

as you, who, if unwisely at times, still unused to this untraversed

pathway, may be in your upbringing untutored in the ways of

the unusual’s usualness). Still, be unsparing of  yourself—

that unrivalled partner of You, being unreserved, unselfish,

unseen, like that which unriddles the life it is of, tapped into

now, momentarily, whose aim is not the reached but the

reaching, like an unwritten constitution, like an unwritten

law, forever unspoken.