spiritual language poetry & writings

notes toward a cosmic folklore – XXXI




Exploring the timeless with first steps, easy-to-remember

go-to-guy (…familiarity is reassuring…) grabs spotlight in

fishy business that’s funny (or funny business that’s fishy)

and gives birth far from home—is this clear enough?—in

a small room with no view where less is really less, unbroken

and unbowed, and all aglow—




Labor pain’s new role finalized (ahead of schedule) as

changing ties (going somewhere?) guide fate on fast track

to profit: ‘The dollar is overvalued,’ this Natural says,

springing surprise and redoubling efforts, despite harsh

past, to build bridge from mental anguish to sunny side

of the street in a lesson for the ages. (To sum up: analyze

the clues of this meandering path taken through a mountain

of data, and let ambivalence rule.)




But when a heart feels the bloodline’s tug (hope at a distance),

it’s time for thinking very small to show its mettle: a gentle

kind of fight (shall the lowly smite the mighty?), taking battle

to the summit (where one goes to grow) to pose question,

‘Is all this dying necessary?’ as fallen star turned star-gazer,

in a remake lost in translation, flaunts mysterious language

in the shadow of death and feels, unmistakably, these

individual jitters.