spiritual language poetry & writings

the doorway



choose from among all the doors!

—each door, like a tall order, beckons…—

in gratitude, door that leads to the body,

to blood circulating carrying nourishment,

lifeblood of kinships, of kindred spirits

in fear, door that leads to the unseen,

to sheddings, blind spots, ceremonial slaughters

of joy, door that restores subversive possibilities

among blood brothers and sisters, through descents—

door to the beginning of all things, to the seat of emotions,

and of endings too, blood-curdling massacres,

blesséd bloodbaths

door for letting in breezes, for letting out sighs

door for words to pour out of, doing what comes naturally

open this one to read the writings on the bloodsoaked walls

open that one and steal a glance at the universe’s secrets

how many there are! doors to what is real, doors to what is not

open this door for your child, open this door for your wife

open this door for your enemies, for your friends left behind

door to life, door to the dead in you, still alive with messages

door of bloodied masks, door of marvelous Mother Mary

door of a mascot you make your own, door of marvels

inspired door, door of status quo instigating insurrection

door leading to insomnia, insatiable door

here’s a door with your initials written on it

and one that betrays the last shred of your innocence left

in the fluid world of iniquities

world of doors at our feet, at arm’s length, eyeballed doors

door inhospitable to new influences, florescent door

that shines in the dark marking one’s way

door that yields to touch, holding us on course

door that has front and back without hinges (guiltily)

open this one to a feral face

now this one to a fertile, erect equation, unsolvable

door blood-red with thirsty blossoms

bloodsucking door, bloodhewn door

door that’s been blue, purple, vermillion and acquamarine

door of disregard, of the damned

door fused to the passage it opens to, disfiguring door

door of division, door of raising of roots, door of raising to


transcendental door, sacrificing all for—?

aleatoric door algorithmic in nature

all-American door with a special pipeline to Allah

bloodied, aliphatic door

door abloom with bloodwort and bloodroot

door splattered with holy blood, door for the bloody-

minded in us, contrary yet worshipful

door at which bloodmoney is paid before it opens

the endless bloodletting between the enemy and us and all

such adversaries needing each other

the door that opens to copperheads copulating

the door among the hawthorn where the hawk eyes its prey

the door leading to a lawless, lazy leach

open this one for a view of the North Star

do not open this one for it is notorious

—bloodless, cold, averted door as in a nightmare

this door is the noumenon

a door to end all doors, a door like a nova

be careful of this door, it is not noteworthy

this door point-blank is for poetry

this door is a port of entry to the high seas of abandoned desire

this door like a pocketknife

this a ravenous, despoiling door

door of mystery, of enigmatic righteous sorrows

door to riches, door to deliverance,

a threshold for spanning space and time

door for the sowing of seeds

door of the sovereign, potent sow, vulgar and obscene

door waxing and waning below the waist

door of our opening, our projecting, our rapacious selves

vulture-like door, wounding door, door of the conception of


soft mass of a door, door to blow one’s wad in

wide open door, heart-shaped door, door like a wailing wall

holding this one open for you, the one to enter last

door guarded by Canis familiaris baring its teeth

the one we’ve been loitering at all this time,

that was waiting for you, inescapable

door to hell and back, door to love



Copyright (c) 2012 Alan Botsford