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Poetry Kanto editor Alan Botsford was invited to be Guest Editor of the Japanese Featured Artist Column for Connotation Press.com:An Online Artifact in June 2012. The special column compiled a collection of some of the most outstanding voices in contemporary Japanese poetry, including Tanikawa Shuntaro, Abe Hinako, Nomura Kiwao, Hirata Toshiko, Tanaka Yosuke, Takahashi Mutsuo, Hachikai Mimi, Yotsumoto Yasuhiro, Minashita Kiriu and Sugimoto Maiko, and their translators, William I. Elliott, Kazuo Kawamura, Hiroaki Sato, Jordan A. Yamaji Smith, Jeffrey Angles, Miho Nonaka, Leith Morton, Rachel Carden, and Marianne Tarcov.

Connotation Press.com editor-in-chief Ken Robidoux wrote: “Ranging from deeply poignant reflections on last year’s disaster and the devestation that followed to one poet’s “sludge” this group of 10 artists will remind you all over again how powerful and vital poetry can be and how clear it is that we are all in this thing together.”

The interview of Tanikawa Shuntaro is conducted by Featured Guest Editor Alan Botsford, while a video of a live reading from one of Japan’s preeminent poets, Tanikawa Shuntaro is also featured.

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